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Requirements for Mobile Food Traders

Notification of the Food Authority [Registration]

The food business operator must ensure that the Food Authority in which the mobile food unit is normally based (even when not trading) is notified of the existence of that food business. The information duly requested must be provided by the food business operator in order to enable relevant details to be entered on the register of food premises held by the Food Authority. Any other premises used for preparation of food which is to be sold from a mobile food unit must be registered as such by the Food Authority within which it is located.

In order for a person to obtain a Street Trader's Licence under Section 39 of the Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982, the mobile food unit operated by that person must be subject of a valid Certificate of Compliance from South Ayrshire Council.

You can register your business in South Ayrshire - Food premises registration - South Ayrshire Council (

A copy of the current street traders licence must be displayed on the mobile food unit and any identification badge worn as required.

Certificate of Compliance

In order to obtain a Certificate of Compliance under Section 39 of the Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982, the mobile food unit must be inspected by the local authority which has registered that food business/mobile food unit.

If the trader/unit is not registered in Scotland, the inspection and issue of a Certificate of Compliance must be undertaken by the Scottish Food Authority in which the application for a Street Trading Licence is made, or another authority to which an application for a street trader's licence in respect of this activity is or has been made.

Fees and charges can be found here - Fees and charges - South Ayrshire Council (

Apply for a Mobile Street Trader Certificate of Compliance

Period of validity

Any Certificate of Compliance so granted will be valid for a period of 3 years.

Inspection for a Certificate of Compliance and issue of certificate does not preclude the subsequent inspection of the mobile food unit by any Food Authority while the unit is trading within its jurisdiction.

National Standards for Mobile Food Traders

There are national standards for mobile food traders that require a street trader's licence. These standards are to ensure safe food production and consistency of enforcement.

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