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Building warrant fees

Information about our building warrant fees.

1. Erection, alteration, extension or demolition of a building (whether or not combined with an Application for Warrant for change of use)

F1. A Building Warrant fee must be paid when the application is submitted. No application will be processed until such time as the correct fees have been paid by the applicant, in accordance with the Building Warrant Fee Structure. Please note that this fee is for lodging the application, not for granting of warrant, and is not refundable.

The fee, before discounts, for lodging a Building Warrant application, other than late Building Warrant applications (see note F7) is shown in the table below.

Warrant Fees
Value of works (£)Warrant
Fee (£)
Value of works (£)Warrant
Fee (£)
0 - 5,000150140,001 - 160,0001343
5,001 -5,500169160,001 - 180,0001446
5,501 - 6,000188180,001 - 200,0001549
6,001 - 6,500207200,001 - 220,0001652
6,501 - 7,000226220,001 - 240,0001755
7,001 - 7,500245240,001 - 260,0001858
7,501 - 8,000264260,001 - 280,0001961
8,001 - 8,500283280,001 - 300,0002064
8,501 - 9,000302300,001 - 320,0002167
9,001 - 9,500321320,001 - 340,0002270
9,501 - 10,000340340,001 - 360,0002373
10,001 - 11,000359360,001 - 380,0002476
11,001 - 12,000378380,001 - 400,0002579
12,001 - 13,000397400,001 - 420,0002682
13,001 - 14,000416420,001 - 440,0002785
14,001 - 15,000435440,001 - 460,0002888
15,001 - 16,000454460,001 - 480,0002991
16,001 - 17,000473480,001 - 500,0003094
17,001 - 18,000492500,001 - 550,0003272
18,001 - 19,000511550,001 - 600,0003450
19,001 - 20,000530600,001 - 650,0003628
20,001 - 30,000593650,001 - 700,0003806
30,001 - 40,000656700,001 - 750,0003984
40,001 - 50,000719750,001 - 800,0004162
50,001 - 60,000782800,001 - 850,0004340
60,001 - 70,000845850,001 - 900,0004518
70,001 - 80,000908900,001 - 950,0004696
80,001 - 90,000971750,001 - 1,000,0004874
90,001 - 100,0001034And for every
100,000 or part
thereof over 1 million
Add 253
100,001 - 120,0001137
120,001 - 140,0001240


Other Information
F2Application for Building Warrant for conversion only, see Application Note (d), that is without any building workFee is £150
F3Application for demolition only, that is where there are no immediate plans for rebuildingFee is £150
F4Application for amendment of Building WarrantFee is £100
a) where the new total estimated value is less than the original, or is an increase of no more than £5,000-
b) where the new total estimated value increases by more than £5,000Fee is the amount for a Building Warrant of the same value. That is, if the increase is £20,000, the fee will be £530).
F5Application for an amendment to Building Warrant for demolition or conversion see Application Note (d) onlyFee is £100
F6Application to extend the period of validity of a Building WarrantFee is £100
F7Where a late application for Building Warrant is made, or a Completion Certificate is submitted and there was no Building Warrant obtained when there should have been, the fee is increased to cover the increased difficulty the Council will have in establishing whether work that is already underway or completed complies with the plans, specifications and other information provided. The Council will require to inspect the work and disruptive surveys may be needed to establish what has been constructed. The resulting fees are detailed in F1. and as follows
7.1Application for late Building Warrant, i.e. where work is already started

a) application for a Building Warrant for the construction of a building or the provision of services, fittings and equipment in connection with a building (whether or not combined with an application for demolition)
Fee is 200% of the fee in table of fees on F1.
b) application for Building Warrant for demolition onlyFee is £200
7.2Submission of a Completion Certificate where no Building Warrant was obtained for
a) the construction of a building or the provision of services, fittings or equipment (whether or not combined with an application for conversion or for Building Warrant for demolition)Fee is the same as for a late application of the same value of works, that is 300% of the fee in table of fees in F1.
b) application for demolition only, or for conversion onlyFee is £300

Discounts for Certificates of Design / Construction

Certificates of Design

A warrant fee is discounted where certificates from approved certifiers of design are presented with a warrant application, or before the building warrant is granted as below:

  • 10% (or the fixed levels of discounts for values of work up to £100,000, indicated in the tables above) for each certificate that covers the whole of any section of the functional standards, and/or
  • 1% for each certificate covering a single item in any such section, up to a maximum of 5% for any one section
  • all subject to a maximum discount of 60% of the warrant fee

When a local agreement is in place between the verifier and the applicant for phased payment of the warrant fee, the discount should be due on all the payments, provided a certificate was submitted with, or the intended use confirmed on,the warrant application form.

Note that the above discounts apply where a late application for warrant is made or a late completion certificate submitted, with the discount applied to the whole fee.

Discounts also apply to an application for amendment to warrant but only where the increase in the estimated value of works exceeds £5,000. This may be for a different design scheme or, in the case of staged warrants, may involve a new certificate. The discount is on the amendment fee (which will take into account any increased value or work) and not the original fee

Certificates of Construction

A warrant fee is also discounted where it is stated at warrant application stage that one or more certificates from an approved certifier of construction will be presented with a completion certificate, as below:

  • 3% (or the fixed levels of discount for values of work up to £100,000) for each certificate covering an approved scheme, or
  • 20% for a single certificate covering the construction of the entire building all subject to a maximum discount of 20%

Except when accompanying a late completion certificate, a discount is only applicable where a verifier has been informed of the intention to use the approved certifier of construction at warrant application stage, including late warrant applications.

The discounts in relation to both certificates of design and certificates of construction are based on the original warrant fee (before any discounting).


Fee Exemption for Disabled Persons

The fee is set at zero for works to alter or extend a dwelling to improve its suitability for use by a disabled occupant.

The relief, therefore, is not for disabled people in general, it relates specifically to works to provide facilities for disabled people as defined in the building standards.

This definition is a person with a physical, hearing or sight impairment which affects their mobility or their use of buildings.

The Equality Act 2010 replaced a range of anti-discrimination legislation, including the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) and it carries forward the protection previously provided for disabled people by the DDA. Accordingly, the zero fee rating remains restricted to dwellings.

To allow South Ayrshire Council to assess your entitlement to this fee exemption you should provide a letter from your Doctor or Occupational Therapist confirming your disability unless the work is related to an Improvement Grant application for a Disabled Person.