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Update on Kincaidston Incident Tuesday 19 October

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11am 19 October 2021

The Council is grateful for the support of the community but would ask people at this stage to stop dropping off material support at Queen Margaret Academy. We will clarify in due course if any support is needed and how people can contribute. 

At the moment, the Council is working with emergency services to determine who will be able to return to their house and who will not due to ongoing building safety concerns. We are working to establish a reception centre in the area for anyone returning who stayed with friends or relatives as well as those who were accommodated overnight in a local hotel. 

Our aim is to get people back home as soon as possible but we can only do this once we are confident properties are safe. Once we know who may still require accommodation, our housing teams will work with residents to support them. 

As soon as we are clear where the inner cordon lies we will start the clear up operation which requires to be done with sensitivity due to personal effects being included among general debris.  

Council staff are at the Mercure Hotel working with those accommodated there. Anyone else affected can contact the Council at 0300 123 0900. 

Meetings are taking place this morning on a number of issues that require immediate attention and further updates will follow these meetings. 


12.50pm 19 October 2021

Please note there is still no access to the cordoned off area at Kincaidston.

Support is available for residents affected by the incident at Kincaidston Community Pavillion or by calling 0300 123 0900.

We'll provide further updates as soon as possible.