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Book of remembrance

A Book of Remembrance is displayed in a cabinet at the Crematorium and provides a permanent form of memorial to those commemorated within. The book consists of four volumes, which are hand made, bound in vellum and richly hand tooled and blocked in pure gold. There is one page for each day of the year, and the book is opened each day at the appropriate page so that entries may be seen of the anniversary of the date the inscription is recorded. The viewing room is open to the public daily from 10am till 4pm Mon - Fri, 10am till 1pm Saturdays and public holidays.

View our Books of Remembrance online.

The addition of motifs and emblems help make this memorial, which is in perpetuity, a unique statement about the life of a loved one. Many subjects including hobbies, interests, badges and flowers may be illustrated. The inscription may be placed on any date which is meaningful to you.

Every inscription is hand written and painted by one of a small team of skilled artists, each of whom have undergone extensive training in the disciplines necessary to work to the exacting standards required.

Lettering carried out by craftsmen, offers the same degree of permanence as the best examples of mediaeval manuscripts. Each inscription is embellished with a raised gold initial letter, gilded with gold leaf, and finally burnished.

In addition to the Book of Remembrance, Memorial Cards are available. These are suitable for sending to distant relatives and friends who may be unable to visit the Crematorium or to provide a family keepsake and may contain the same inscription as in the book, or, alternatively, you may choose to create a more personal inscription.

Staff are available at the Crematorium to offer information and assistance. Please feel free to contact them for assistance in composing your inscription.

Book of Remembrance application form (PDF) [137KB]

Further to the Traditional Book of Remembrance, which can now be viewed electronically via this web page, a more personalised memorial can be designed for viewing both here and at Masonhill Crematorium.

Please make Cheques/Postal orders payable to South Ayrshire Council. Please print, sign and post completed forms to Masonhill Crematorium, Ayr, KA6 6EN.

Book of Remembrance and additional pages for electronic book of Remembrance
2 Line Inscription*£168.00 (Inc. VAT)
5 Line Inscription*£280.00 (Inc. VAT)
8 Line Inscription*£352.00(Inc. VAT)
Flowers, Badges, Motifs Etc.£168.00 (Inc. VAT)
Additional Pages (up to 4)£102.00 (Inc. VAT) per page
Additional Swipe Cards£17.00 (Inc VAT) each
Specially Created Memorial ArtworkPrice on Application

* These entries appear in both the Traditional and Electronic Book of Remembrance.

A swipe card will be supplied to enable the inscription to be viewed at the Crematorium at any time of the year via the new Electronic Book of Remembrance system. 

The inscription in the leather bound book will be available for viewing on the anniversary. 

Inscriptions may also be viewed at any time via the web by following the link from our web site: registrationandbereavement

Memorial Cards
2 Line Inscription£102.00 (Inc. VAT)
5 Line Inscription£151.00 (Inc. VAT)
8 Line Inscription£203.00 (Inc. VAT)
Flowers, Badges, Motifs Etc.£168.00 (Inc. VAT)