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Advice for putting your bin out during bad weather

Follow this advice when presenting your bins during bad weather.

Blue/blue lidded bins / grey bins

Where possible, please do not put out your blue/blue lidded or grey bin the night before collection day. All blue/blue lidded and grey bins are collected from 1:45pm Monday to Thursday and 1:15pm on a Friday. If possible please put them out at as close to those times as possible or on the morning of collection at the earliest.

Green/green lidded bins / purple bins

Green/green lidded bins and purple glass bins should be presented no later than 5:45am on the day of collection. In high winds if you have space to wait until your next scheduled collection please do not put out your purple lid glass bin, please wait until the next collection. If purple lid glass bins are presented significantly less than half full, there is a greater risk they could be blown over.

Food bins

Food waste bins are serviced weekly and can be collected from 5:45am on their day of collection. In high winds, if you have space, please wait until the next scheduled collection.