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Trade waste collection

Information on trade waste collection in South Ayrshire.

How am I expected to dispose of my waste?

There are a number of different methods available to dispose of your waste in the correct manner.

Wheeled Bins

If your business uses a wheeled bin service it is important that the bin is presented on time for uplift and in the proper way (i.e. Waste fully contained within the wheeled bin as per Duty of Care requirements). The bin should be removed from the kerbside immediately after emptying. It is important that the bin is well maintained and clean. It is you statutory responsibility to ensure the bin(s) are of adequate size and are uplifted regularly to prevent over-filling.


If the waste you produce is mostly cardboard a sticker collection service may be the most suitable method for disposal. The Council operates a cardboard recycling service using both stickers and logos.


The Council is keen to encourage containerisation of waste and restrict the use of plastic sacks. Our pricing policy reflects this and wheeled bins and containers are less expensive for traders than using plastic sacks on a volume basis.


There are a number of different types and sizes of skip that are especially useful if you are having a clearout, moving premises or simply producing large quantities of waste.

Never deposit your waste:

  • in a street litter bin
  • in a domestic wheeled bin
  • in another traders wheeled bin

In addition, never give your waste to any person other than authorised waste carrier who can issue you with a relevant Waste Transfer Note.

The above activities are illegal and persons will be liable for prosecution if found doing so.

South Ayrshire Council has powers under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 to specify the type and number of waste receptacles needed to contain the waste and avoid nuisance to others. Fines for not complying are up to £1,000.