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Commercial bins

Information on the commercial bins we provide.

1100 litre Eurobin

1100 Litre Eurobins have galvanised steel bodies. The double skinned rotary moulded lids also incorporate a lid lock, and this provides positive locking in both open and shut position.

Benefits of using 1100 Eurobin

  • The UK's most popular trade container.
  • Compact and easy to handle.
  • The 1100 Litre Eurobin has been purpose-designed and developed to meet exactly the requirements of today's demands for secure waste containment and ease of handling.

1280 litre Continental

The bigger better solution for your rubbish!

With its extra 180 litres of capacity, the Continental 1280 is designed to help you contain your rubbish effectively, safely and within the law. Ordinary 1100 litre containers are often not large enough for the needs of most of today's traders. Waste has to be compacted, lids are left open and rubbish often ends up in a pile on the ground.

It's dangerous, bad for business and environmentally unfriendly - but there's a simple solution!

With its extra capacity, the Continental 1280 helps you solve the problem of overflowing containers, yet it takes up no more space than an 1100 litre container and is just as easy to manoeuvre.

The Continental 1280 offers these big benefits

  • More convenient - no need to cram waste inside
  • Much safer - compacting rubbish can cause injury
  • Clean and tidy image - no need to leave rubbish on ground
  • Greater security - container lid locks shut to keep vermin and vandals out
  • Peace of mind - helps you meet your obligations under the Environmental Protection Act

240 litre Wheeled Bin

As the name suggests, the system is based on collecting refuse presented in wheeled bins.

The bins are made from a high density plastic, that is both strong and lightweight.

Bins are fitted with a sturdy pair of wheels and are designed to be easily manoeuvred, even when full. A hinged lid ensures that no refuse escapes until the bin is emptied.

The 240 Litre Wheeled Bin offers these benefits:

  • There will be less due to spillage of refuse
  • Fewer plastic sacks will end up being buried in landfill sites
  • Wheeled Bins can be recycled when they reach the end of their serviceable life