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Council Launches Gaelic Language Plan

Gaelic boundary sign 400 x 400

Council Launches Gaelic Language Plan

We have just launched the second edition of our Gaelic Language Plan. The plan sets out how we intend to raise awareness and help secure, promote and develop the Gaelic language, heritage and culture over the next five years.

The plan highlights work completed to date, such as the promotion of Gaelic through our corporate identity and the recent introduction of a Gaelic translation for email signatures.  In partnership with the Ayrshire Roads Alliance, we continue to replace village signs to reflect their Gaelic name and, in our schools, the delivery of the Gaelic language continues.

All these steps have greatly enhanced the visibility of the language, increased its status and made an important statement about how Gaelic is valued in South Ayrshire.

Councillor Chris Cullen Economy and Culture Portfolio Holder for South Ayrshire Council said: "We're committed to promoting Gaelic in any way we can. It's an important part of Scottish culture and heritage and needs to be respected and protected for future generations. We will continue to work with the Gaelic Board to revitalise the language and ensure people have the opportunity to learn it."

To view the Gaelic Language Plan go to