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Proposed replacement bridge: Adlington Gardens to Reilly Walk, Troon

To comply with the terms of the planning permissions for the Marr Meadows and Earl's Green (north-east), Troon residential developments, South Ayrshire Council, as planning and access authority, intends constructing a bridge across the Barassie Burn, with an associated access ramp, to provide a pedestrian linkage between Reilly Walk and Adlington Gardens, Troon, approximately where shown on the location plan below. The new bridge will replace the existing bridge at that location, which is in a state of dilapidation, and will provide pedestrian permeability through both developments to facilities in the wider Troon/Barassie area.

The proposed bridge and associated access ramp have been designed by the Ayrshire Roads Alliance, taking account of the physical circumstances of the site, as well as legislative and future maintenance requirements. The bridge layout plan and elevational drawings may be viewed below.

Before commencing construction, we are conducting a targeted consultation exercise, which offers those persons in Adlington Gardens, Pearce Avenue and Reilly Walk whose properties lie adjacent to it, as well as Troon Community Council and local ward councillors, the opportunity to comment on the proposed design and layout of the bridge. 

This consultation is only open to those persons who have been contacted individually, by letter. Anyone contacted who wishes to submit comments, should do so, before the end of the 2 weeks' consultation period specified in the letter. As the proposed bridge is simply a replacement for the existing structure, the principle of it has already been established, so any comments should be confined to its design and layout.

View the location plan and drawings (PDF) [1MB]