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Update 28/5/2021

Posted by: Communications on 28 May 2021 10:50

We're looking to introduce a 3G pitch to Girvan which is the only main town in South Ayrshire without access to an all-weather pitch. This investment will give clubs in South Carrick the same opportunities to train and play sport all year round. 

There are only two sites in Girvan that can accommodate a 3G pitch, one on the outskirts of the town and one in Victory Park close by schools, which would allow pupils to use the pitch as well as community and sporting groups. 

The proposed site at Victory Park is currently water-logged and the development will bring an underused part of the park back into use. 

A number of people are opposed to the scheme and said that they withdrew their objections as they felt that they may be met with court expenses should they lose. Assurances were given in court and in writing that the clause about expenses is standard,  it would be very  unusual for a local authority to seek an award of expenses against private individuals unless they were being unreasonable or vexatious, it was not anticipated that this would apply in this case and that objectors should not be deterred by concerns regarding court expenses. 

The Council has followed a statutory process which gave all members of the community the opportunity to have their views taken into account in a court decision.

There is wide support for the pitch among the community with sporting groups pressing for the development. 

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