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South Ayrshire Council Gaelic Language Plan 2020-2025

South Ayrshire Council has developed its second Gaelic Language Plan in line with the requirements of the Gaelic Language (Scotland) Act 2005 and outlines how we will take forward the work to promote and use Gaelic throughout the area which had commenced in 2014.  The Council is committed to continuing to be working with Bòrd na Gàidhlig and our community to implement this Gaelic Language Plan.

The South Ayrshire Council Gaelic Language Plan 2020-2025 sets out how we will take forward the progress made, as shown in our Gaelic Language Plan 2014-2017 Progress Reports work, in a way that is both proportionate and relevant to South Ayrshire.  The Plan details how the Council will work to support the objectives of the National Plan for Gaelic over the next five years and meet our obligations in an outcome focussed way that ensures our communities, stakeholders, partners and staff can recognise our ongoing progress to promote and use Gaelic.

The Council's Gaelic Language Plan will contribute to raising the profile and visibility of Gaelic nationally and locally by sharing good practice, Gaelic medium resources and Gaelic voluntary organisation contacts and networks. The Plan and its associated actions will contribute to the Council's Equality and Diversity Strategy, which details our commitment to the general principles of fairness, equality and human rights and seeking to apply these principles in all that we do as a community leader, service provider, education authority and employer.

By including our Gaelic Language Plan within the Equality and Diversity work of the Council, we recognise and take into account, the principle of equal respect of Gaelic, and ensure this important work is mainstreamed within the Council.


South Ayrshire Council Gaelic Language Plan English (PDF) [1MB]

South Ayrshire Council Gaelic Language Plan Gaelic (PDF) [1MB]