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Supplementary planning guidance

Information about the supplementary planning guidance that's been prepared to support the local development plan.


The South Ayrshire Local Development Plan contains a commitment to prepare specific guidance on what we expect to see on certain new residential development sites. One such site is known as 'South East Ayr', located on farmland to the east of Ayr.

The Site has been already been allocated for development, so we are not seeking your views as to whether the site should be developed. We are however seeking your views on how the site should be developed, including what features and facilities it should contain.

South East Ayr, at 165 hectares, is the largest development site that has been allocated within South Ayrshire for many decades, so we need to make sure that it is developed responsibly, and with the interests of present and future generations at the heart of our considerations.

We have prepared draft guidance for the development of South East Ayr and the Council is now seeking views as to whether you think the guidance is appropriate. Remember that the site has already been allocated, so we are not seeking views as to whether you think the site should be developed, but how it should be developed. 

To view and make any comments on the draft Design Guide Supplementary Guidance for South East Ayr, please follow the links below.

View the SG and Comment


Draft SG Housing Site Design Brief South East Ayr

The public consultation will run until 28th April 2023.

A drop-in consultation event is also being held on Tuesday 4th April at the Grain Exchange, 77- 81 High Street, Ayr between 10am and 4pm. To discuss any of the above you may phone (01292) 616107 or email

In connection with the South Ayrshire Local Development Plan, the Council has adopted supplementary guidance in relation to particular policies contained in the LDP. In assessing and determining planning applications, each of the following supplementary guidance documents constitute a material consideration, which carries the weight of the development plan:

Alterations and Extensions to Houses Supplementary Guidance (PDF) [4MB]

Supplementary Guidance: Alterations and Extensions to Houses

Rural Housing Supplementary Guidance (PDF) [5MB]

Historic Environment Supplementary Guidance (PDF) [14MB]
Supplementary Guidance: Historic Environment (including addendum on windows and doors within listed buildings and unlisted buildings within conservation areas)

Housing Site Design Briefs Supplementary Guidance (PDF) [41MB]                                     
Supplementary Guidance: Housing Site Design Briefs

Maintaining An Effective Housing Land Supply (PDF) [4MB]
Supplementary Guidance: Maintaining an Effective Housing Land Supply

Supplementary Guidance Wind Energy (PDF) [15MB]

Supplementary Guidance Dark Sky Lighting (PDF) [5MB]


 The council has an existing range of guidance notes, which, although not statutorily linked to the LDP, also provide additional guidance on planning matters. The content of the following documents will also be considered in assessing and determining planning applications. Please note that it is intended to review some of the following guidance in order that they become formal supplementary guidance. Any changes to existing guidance will be advertised and consulted on, during the review.


South Ayrshire Landscape Wind Capacity Study

South Ayrshire Landscape Wind Capacity Study - Main Report Updated August 2018 (PDF) [17MB]

South Ayrshire Landscape Capacity Study - Appendix Updated August 2018 (PDF) [40MB]

Environmental Assessments

As part of the process of preparing all relevant pieces of supplementary guidance, consideration has been given to the application of the requirements of the Environmental Assessment (Scotland) Act 2005. View all screening, scoping and environmental reports.

Similarly, consideration has been given to the requirements set out under The Conservation (Natural Habitats & c.) Regulations 1994 in respect of all relevant pieces of supplementary guidance. View all Habitats Regulations Appraisals .

Planning Service Procedural and Advisory Notes and Protocols
Enforcement Charter (PDF) [550KB]

Registration form for Regulatory Panel (Word doc) [36KB]

Glossary of Planning Terms (Jargon Buster) (PDF) [268KB]

Service Standard: Planning Application Process (PDF) [441KB]

Planning Application Procedures (PDF) [839KB]

Affordable Housing Procedure Note (PDF) [344KB]

Housing Services Affordable Housing Annual Monitoring (PDF) [177KB]

Protocol for Public Consultation on Supplementary Planning Guidance (PDF) [1MB]

Rural Business Procedure Note Note explains the procedure (PDF) [135KB]

Note explains the procedure followed by Development Management case officers when assessing the merits of development proposals for businesses in rural areas against relevant policies within the adopted South Ayrshire Local Development Plan.