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Public notices and closures

Consultation for following access exemption orders for the Camping Sites, during the 152nd Open 2024

Consultation for the following access exemption order for the 152nd Open 2024 at ROYAL TROON GOLF COURSE

Confirmation of the following access exemption orders for the 152nd Open 2024


Footbridge Closure - Waukmill, near Woodend, Dailly

Due to the damage caused by heavy rainfall and spate conditions in the River, the bridge over the Water of Girvan at Waukmill, near Woodend, 2km north-east of Dailly, is in a dangerous condition and unavailable for public use, for the foreseeable future. For their own safety, members of the public should not attempt to cross the bridge.

King Coil's Bridge Closed - Parkmill Road, Tarbolton

For the foreseeable future, Core Path SA23, between Parkmill Road and Core Path SA24 at Coilsfield Mains Farm, is not usable as a through route, because the private bridge, known as King Coil's Bridge or the Loundsdale Bridge, 40 metres to the south-east of the C115 Parkmill Road, which carries the route over the Water of Fail, is in a dangerous condition. For their own safety, members of the public should not attempt to cross the bridge. An alternative route from Parkmill Road to Coilsfield Mains exists along SA24, to the west.

Lady Hunter Blair Trail Closed


The landowner has been ordered by Forestry and Land Scotland to remove Larch trees from the Lambdougty Glen, to reduce the spread of the tree disease. Therefore the Lady Hunter Blair Trail through Lambdoughty Glen, is temporarily closed to the public. This is to allow mandatory and essential forestry works to be undertaken safely. Access takers should not attempt to use the trail, in the interests of their own, and the forest operatives', safety.

The Trail will remain closed for the duration of the forestry works. These works were expected to be completed by the end of 2021.

Unfortunately, due to circumstance out-with the control of the landowner/ manager the works have been delayed.

Thank you for your co-operation.

Fullarton Fairy Trail - Closed 13th - 22nd July

From the 13th-22nd July, the Isle of Pin road will be closed to non-permitted vehicles. This will mean that visitors will not be able to access the Fullarton Fairy trail during that time.