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Ayr North - Thriving Places

South Ayrshire Council worked throughout 2019 and 2020 with the local community, businesses and partner organisations to confirm the key issues that Ayr North faces.

The 2021 Ayr North Place Plan was set with 30 actions covering 6 different themes: Streets and Moving Around; Clean and Well Kept; Sport and Recreation; Empowered and Involved Community; Healthy and Safe and Access to Jobs.

In the last three months of 2023, an audit of these 30 actions from the place plan action plan. 14 of these actions were actioned, 13 actions are still on-going showing progression, with only 3 actions which weren't successful.

The following diagram gives more detail of these accomplishments.

Following this audit, we are keen to get back in touch with the community and take the community voice forward. We know that some issues have remained the same within the Ayr North communities, whilst others have improved or worsened.

We are keen to listen and share ideas. In fact we are coming back to the communities with a series of community voice sessions about the following themes (dates and venue to be confirmed):

Session 1: Housing & Community and Care & Maintenance

Session 2: Feeling Safe and Influence & Sense of Control

Session 3: Natural Space; Play and recreation; Social contact and Identity & Belonging

Session 4: Facilities & Amenities and Work & local economy

Session 5: Moving Around; Public Transport; Social Contact and Streets & Spaces


We are also having an online survey, which you can access at If you need support to fill in the survey, please get in touch with or one of the council officers at one of the following venues: Lochside Community Centre; Working for Wallacetown Hub at George Street. If you prefer a paper copy you can collect and return a paper survey from one of the above centres or The Wallace Tower, High Street, Ayr.


The survey is completely anonymous, but you have the option of adding your contact details if you would like to receive feedback from the survey's findings.


For any information, queries or anything related to place planning, community action plans and/or local place plans, please contact