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29th May public holiday service arrangements

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Ayr North - Thriving Places

South Ayrshire Council worked throughout 2019 and 2020 with the local community, businesses and partner organisations to confirm the key issues that Ayr North faces.

Following these community conversations, a Place Plan for Ayr North has been prepared.  This identifies the priorities for Ayr North and a series of actions that can be undertaken to address the issues, making Ayr North a better place to live, work and visit.

The Place Plan can be viewed here (PDF) [7MB]

The Place Plan is a partnership plan that is led by the community. It includes actions that depend on all parties with an active interest in Ayr North for their success. In some cases an action might be best delivered with a community lead, or with the community taking a leadership position within a partnership. We worked with local community groups in the preparation of the plan, and will continue with this as we move forward with the actions. If you would be interested in taking an active role in any of the actions identified in the plan, or are currently involved in a local project that is not included the draft plan then please let us know by email to