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Attendance, behaviour and bullying


Children and young people benefit most from their education when they attend school regularly.

It is the legal duty of every parent or guardian under The Education (Scotland) Act 1980, (Section 30) to provide sufficient education for their child who is of school age. Parents/guardians who fail to meet this duty can face a fine of up to £1000, or imprisonment, or both.

Parents must speak to the school prior to making arrangements or taking any absence. No school work will be provided for the period of absence although some schools may consider giving you information about what will be covered during the absence.


Children and young people are expected to follow their School Behaviour Code. In extreme cases, children and young people may be excluded from school.


We promote a culture where bullying behaviour is not acceptable. We are committed to establishing a caring, learning community where all members are valued and everyone has a responsibility to promote respect, openness, honesty and understanding.

If you are concerned that your child may be being bullied you should contact your child's school.