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Admissions policy priorities for children aged 3-5

In Early Years Centres where there are more applications than places available a ballot will take place where the admissions criteria indicated below will apply.

Nursery Eligibility
PRIORITY 1Children in need (as defined by the Children in Scotland Act 1995 and identified by Social Work, Psychological Services and Health Visitors etc.) a Priority One placement must be initiated by a Request for Assistance form and where appropriate a Wellbeing Assessment.
PRIORITY 2Children who are deferring entry to Primary School.
PRIORITY 3*Children who reside in South Ayrshire currently attending the Early Years Centre applying for a place within the same centre.
PRIORITY 4Children who reside in South Ayrshire who will have a sibling(s) accessing early learning and childcare in the same centre.
PRIORITY 5**Children in SIMD decile 1-2 who reside in South Ayrshire.
PRIORITY 6Children in SIMD decile 3-10 parents/carers in work, study or formal training who reside in South Ayrshire (declaration to be completed).
PRIORITY 7All other children who reside in South Ayrshire.
PRIORITY 8Children who reside out with the boundary of South Ayrshire Council but within the catchment area of a South Ayrshire Primary School.
PRIORITY 9Children who reside out with the boundary of South Ayrshire Council.

* Priority 3: Excludes 2 year olds who have purchased sessions.

** Priority 5 There may be circumstances where places are allocated by the Early Years Forum as a result of Requests for Assistance made by Social Work or Health Visitors.

*** The Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation (SIMD) provides a wealth of information to help improve the understanding about the outcomes and circumstances of people living in Scotland. To find out more information about SIMD visit the link: