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Struthers Early Years Centre

This online consultation is taking place to provide the community and residents of Troon an opportunity to view the proposed plans for the New Build Struthers Early Years Centre.

The original proposals have been amended to ensure that the new nursery is built in accordance with Scottish Government guidelines that require new buildings to be energy efficient and promote carbon reduction. In order to achieve a carbon neutral rating,  the proposed location and orientation of the building on site has been amended.  

Whilst the changes to the building orientation and location are not substantially different from the previously approved scheme they are significant enough to require a new planning application to be made.  

The timescales for the works have been detrimentally affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, including the impact of furloughed workers and the recent cyber-attack on SEPA which has left them unable to provide consultation responses on development proposals.

We intend to submit revised applications for statutory approvals in April 2021 with works programmed to be completed in early 2022.

Overall site plan (PDF) [881KB]

Elevations (PDF) [731KB]

Layout (PDF) [261KB]

If you would like to discuss these proposals or comment please email

Consultation closing date 30th April 2021.