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COVID-19: latest update on how our services are affected and the support available

COVID-19: latest update on how our services are affected and the support available

Community groups seeking support

The table below shows current South Ayrshire based community groups that are seeking support. The below list can be a useful guide to contracted suppliers to help provide ideas of what projects South Ayrshire currently has in the pipeline therefore helping the contracted suppliers to determine what they can offer to achieve completion of their compulsory or voluntary Community Benefits, as stated in their contract.

The below table will be updated monthly and will also be sent out to all contracted suppliers bi-annually.

Community Requests

Maybole Juniors FC- The aim of this group is to promote football to all ages in Maybole and surrounding villages.  They would like funding support to help with the cost of improving the toilet facilities at Ladywell Stadium in Maybole.

Maybole and District RBL- in July 2021 this group celebrated their 100 year anniversary.  They are hosting a commemorative dinner for past and present members and would like to hand out some commemorative piece to attendees to recognise the date

O'Shays FASD - is a non-profit community enterprise which provides workshops for professionals and caregivers about FASD (Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder).  We have recently taken over premises in Whitletts and are looking to spruce it up a bit in the way of exterior painting, some signage and general tidying up

Broken Chains - The objective of the charity Broken Chains is the compassionate care of our marginalised community in and around the town of Ayr. We reach out to and bring relief to those who are addicted to alcohol, drugs and similar substances, working to advance the health of all involved. They would like funding to assist with the ongoing costs of the activities that they provide

Loans Community Council - They were successful in gaining PB money of £1,000 towards a community defibrillator but they need to buy the case and installation. Donation of £500 towards case and £200 for installation is required. Approximately £500 is still required towards cost of defibrillator

Dundonald SWI - They should have celebrated 100 years of their organisation being formed on Feb 2021 but couldn't organise anything due to COVID and restrictions.  Now that things are easing, they would like to hold a celebration meal with up to 35 members £800 - £1000 would cover most of these costs.

Ayrshire Women's Hub - They are in the process of taking over new premises in Millar Road, Ayr due to their current base being within the Arran Mall being sold and they need to vacate the premises.  They need a cash donation or labour/materials to do some work to their new premises and to get the branding completed.

South Ayrshire Community Food Network - To address food poverty in South Ayrshire, offering choice, dignity and providing an alternative to Food Banks, allowing the purchase of food stuffs at affordable and sustainable costs freeing up income to spend as they choose. Looking for a donation towards the purchase of a van, fridge/freezers, promotional materials, carrier bags, shopping baskets amongst other items.

Anyone looking to assist with any of the above projects please contact the Community Planning Officer within South Ayrshire Council at