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Housing renewal areas

A Housing Renewal Area is a locality which has been identified as needing improvement in the condition and quality of housing within it.

Local authorities have the power to designate a locality as a Housing Renewal Area:

  • Where a significant number of the houses in that area is sub-standard, to bring it into and keep it in a reasonable state of repair (which must at least meet the tolerable standard)
  • Where the appearance or state of repair of any houses in the locality is adversely affecting the amenity of the area, to enhance it.

Designating an area in this way allows the Council to utilise additional powers which are only applicable to Housing Renewal Areas. This includes powers to support improvements to:

  • The amenity of an area
  • Issues of safety and security
  • Carrying out works to reduce long-term maintenance costs
  • Demolition
  • Regeneration

South Ayrshire Council's Housing Renewal Area Policy was approved by Leadership Panel in September 2017, and is available to download here.