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Council Tax bands and charges

Use the Scottish Assessors Council Tax band search to find out which band your property is in.

Council Tax, water and waste water charges 2023 - 2024
Council Tax Band Council TaxWater Waste Water (Total Water & W Water)Total
Band A £968.77£154.95£179.88£334.83£1,303.60
Band B £1,130.24£180.81£209.86£390.67£1,520.91
Band C £1,291.70£206.64£239.84£446.48£1,738.18
Band D £1,453.16£232.47£269.82£502.29£1,955.45
Band E £1,909.29£284.13£329.78£613.91£2,523.20
Band F £2,361.39£335.79£389.74£725.53£3,086.92
Band G £2,845.77£387.45£449.70£837.15£3,682.92
Band H £3,560.24£464.94£539.64£1,004.58£4,564.82

Water and waste water charges

We are required by law to bill for water and waste water (sewerage) charges. For more information please either contact the Scottish Water Customer Helpline on 0800 0778778 or view their website at: The latest Scottish Water charges leaflet (pdf version) can be viewed and downloaded at:

The Council Tax Reduction Scheme, which was created to help people on benefits or on a low income, does not apply to water and sewerage charges, however, households entitled to Council Tax Reduction may also be entitled to a reduction in their Water and Sewerage charges of up to 35% - no application is needed as this is awarded automatically.

Can I appeal my Valuation Band?

If you disagree with your Valuation Band you can lodge a proposal to change the list with the Ayrshire Valuation Joint Board (AVJB). Any proposal should be lodged with the Assessor within the relevant time limits. Further information regarding this and how to appeal can be found at

Range of values (at 1 April 1991)BandProportions used in determining charge from Band D (360th)% Relationship to Band D
Not more than £27,000A24066.67
£27,001 - £35,000B28077.78
£35,001 - £45,000C32088.89
£45,001 - £58,000D360100.00
£58,001 - £80,000E473131.39
£80,001 - £106,000F585162.50
£106,001 - £212,000G705195.83
More than £212,000H882245.00


Last years charges


Council Tax, water and waste water charges 2022 - 2023
Council Tax Band Council TaxWater Waste Water (Total Water & W Water)Total
Band A £922.64£147.60£171.36£318.96£1,241.60
Band B £1,076.41£172.20£199.92£372.12£1,448.53
Band C £1,230.19£196.80£228.48£425.28£1,655.47
Band D £1,383.96£221.40£257.04£478.44£1,862.40
Band E £1,818.37£270.60£314.16£584.76£2,403.13
Band F £2,248.94£319.80£371.28£691.08£2,940.02
Band G £2,710.26£369.00£428.40£797.40£3,507.66
Band H £3,390.70£442.80£514.08£956.88£4,347.58