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Who we support

Care at home and housing support services assist vulnerable adults to continue living within their own homes. These services are used by a variety of people including older adults, children and young people and their families, adults with a physical and/or learning disability, individuals with mental health problems, people who misuse alcohol or drugs and people with HIV/AIDS. Both services support individuals to become an active part of the community and promote independence.

Care at home workers assist people in their own homes with personal care activities such as bathing and dressing. Workers may also assist with the provision of meals, cleaning and food shopping.

Workers in housing support services assist individuals to meet their duties and responsibilities as tenants. Workers help people with activities such as claiming for benefits, budgeting, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and may provide general counselling and advice.

Who can receive a service

Some people need help with day-to-day living. People in all kinds of situations arising from:

  • Physical disability
  • Age and fragility
  • Dementia
  • Mental illness
  • Learning disabilities
  • Progressive illnesses
  • Children with special needs
  • Family support

Home carers can help with the following:

  • Personal Care (this may include laundry/shopping where appropriate)
  • Health - (i.e. medication - some health areas such as dressings/peg feeding)
  • Assistance to make food/cook/eat
  • Social and emotional support
  • Parenting/practical skills