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Bentinck Crescent and Drive, Cavendish Court, Lane and Place, Portland Street and Terrace, Titchfield Road, West Portland Street, Wellbeck Court, Crescent and Mews

These are all names associated with the Dukes of Portland, their English seat being Wellbeck Abbey. In 1805 William Henry Cavendish-Scott-Bentinck, Marquess of Titchfield, bought the estate of Colonel William Fullarton of Fullarton and went on to build Troon Harbour. The town of Troon grew up beside it. In 1809 the marquess succeeded his father as 4th Duke of Portland.

His father the 3rd Duke, who was twice prime minister and held other high offices, was a staunch defender of the rights of property and was opposed to the abolition of slavery. The future 4th Duke appears to have shared these views. As Marquess of Titchfield, he wrote to his father in 1806 explaining that he had refused the offer of a peerage from the administration of Prime Minister Lord William Grenville due to its pro-abolition stance, which he could not conscientiously support. (Under Grenville the slave trade, though not slavery itself, was abolished in 1807.)

Fullarton Courtyard, Crescent, Drive and Place - see Fullarton Woods, Troon

Walker Avenue

Named after Sir Alexander Walker - see Troon Town Hall and Walker Hall, and Marr College.