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Pemberton Valley, Leeward Park, St Vincent Crescent and Windward Park

In 1967 Ayr Town Council decided to give West Indian names to new streets being formed on land which had been part of the Rozelle Estate. (This policy was dropped in 1969.) Pemberton Valley and Rozelle were the two Jamaican sugar plantations, acquired through marriage by Robert Hamilton from Ayr, which were the source of the wealth of the Hamiltons of Rozelle. The Leeward and Windward Islands are in the West Indies, and St Vincent is one of the Windward Islands.

(In his book on Ayr street names, Rob Close suggests that Bathurst Drive, approved as a street name in 1969, might belong in this category. According to a footnote, it has been said that one of the Hamiltons' sugar estates in the West Indies was called Bathurst, but this has not been verified. Elsewhere in Britain, its use as a street name refers to Earl Bathurst, Colonial Secretary 1812-1828. He was in favour of the abolition of slavery.)