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Placing requests at the start of S1

If you wish your child to attend a school other than their catchment secondary school, you need to complete an S1 placing request application. You must also complete a P7 - S1 Transfer Arrangements Form

How decisions are made for placing requests at the start of S1

The responsibility for decisions on placing requests lies with South Ayrshire Council's Educational Services. Parents/carers will be informed of the outcome of the placing request by 30 April.

Where there are more placing requests for a school than there are spaces available the following criteria will be used in the first instance to allocate places to children or young people who live within the school's catchment  area after which the criteria will be used to allocate places to children or young people who live outwith the school's delineated area:

  • Those cases where the medical needs of the child or young person can only be met in the school requested;
  • Those children who do not live in the delineated area of a secondary school but attend an associated primary school;
  • To denominational children or young people who have a Roman Catholic baptismal certificate and who wish to attend their catchment denominational school;
  • The presence of older brothers or sisters in the school requested; and / or
  • Allocation by ballot.

In relation to (1) to (4) above, if there are more applications being considered than there are places available as each stage of priority criteria is being applied, a ballot will be held to determine the successful applications.

In applying (5) priority will be given to placing requests for children and young


And then you must apply for a placing request.

School placing request