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Who can apply

To be eligible to make an asset transfer request to South Ayrshire Council, a community organisation needs to be a 'community transfer body' (CTB). The group has to have certain provisions in its constitution or other governing documents before it can make an asset transfer request. An organisation that meets these criteria is called a 'community transfer body.' CTB's can request ownership, lease or other rights, as they wish.

A group requesting the transfer of ownership of an asset must be one of the following:

  • a company limited by guarantee
  • a SCIO (Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation)
  • a Community Benefit Society with at least 20 members

A group requesting to lease or use an asset should meet the following criteria:

  • has a written constitution
  • is open to anyone in the community it covers to join
  • is community led
  • the majority of members are from that community
  • is for the benefit of the community