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What is CAT

Community asset transfer involves the transfer of responsibility for an asset from South Ayrshire Council to any suitable community, voluntary or social enterprise group/community controlled body.

CAT can take several forms:

  • transfer of outright ownership
  • transfer of management responsibility
  • short or long term lease

It provides a fantastic opportunity for people to be involved in developing and providing opportunities or services for their local communities. It may also allow groups to develop commercial proposals which will support community benefit or may mean that public assets get used more frequently and more effectively.

Community-led ownership or control of land and buildings is a powerful tool for South Ayrshire communities to drive change and achieve their own goals, it can provide:

  • A base for activities and services that might not otherwise be accessible to members of a particular community
  • Improved social wellbeing, economic development, regeneration, public health or environmental wellbeing
  • Income to the local area
  • Unlock access to funding and grants
  • Stronger sense of community identity, cohesion and involvement