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Your Credit Score

Maintaining a good credit score is important for many reasons including;

  • Opening some bank account to help you pay bills and manage your finances
  • Be accepted for credit cards and loans with better interest rates for the bigger purchases in life
  • Help you get a mortgage, private let or car finance

Clear Score is a free credit service providing you with your own credit score and report.  You can use this tool online or by downloading the free app.  You can also run comparisons on a number of products which will tell you the likelihood of you being approved before applying.

Before applying for any credit you should consider it's affordability, if you have other debts you need help with call us first. 

Applying for any type of credit may leave a mark on your credit file, if you are refused by one provider you may wish to wait for a period of time before applying again.  Multiple applications may be viewed as attempts to gain credit from multiple sources and have a negative impact on your score.  The Money Saving Expert has compiled some useful information and FAQ's to help you manage and improve your score.