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Bank accounts

There are many different types of bank account that can be used in different ways, the Money Advice Service can give advice on choosing the right bank account for you. 

Basic Bank Accounts

A basic current account can help you if you have a poor credit rating or low income you can find out information on this type of account and the accounts you're most likely to be accepted for by clicking here.  

Current Accounts

A current account may be harder to obtain if you have a poor credit rating or no regular income.  Some accounts come with additional perks like a financial incentive to switch or you can read about the different types of bank accounts available on Money Saving Expert's Page.

Pre-Packaged Accounts

Some current accounts come with added benefits but before signing up make sure you will use all of the benefits included or that the monthly cost of the account is cheaper than the benefits would cost separately.  For example if an account will cost £15 month and includes mobile phone cover, travel insurance and home emergency cover and you only require the mobile phone insurance you may be cheaper opting for a no fee current account and buying mobile phone insurance as a stand alone product.  Some of the best pre-packaged accounts here.

If you have an overdraft or other banking debts you may wish to contact us for advice before making any changes.