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29th May public holiday service arrangements

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Review progress and achievements

All swimming classes are assessed on an on-going basis, Homeportal's are updated every 6-8 weeks while teachers work on essential skills and adapt practices to suit each child's ability.


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You can now view your child's progress online by using your child's Membership ID to acvtivate your account. You should have already recieved an activiation email, if you have not received this please contact: 

  1. Go for a family swim with your child. We understand that parents are busy, but family swims are a fun activity that can be enjoyed whatever the weather. It will also help children develop their swimming ability quicker and long periods of time out of the water will result in a loss of stamina and ability. We found that nearly 60% of parents and guardians of children aged 7-11 haven't been swimming with their children in more than a month, your child has free access to all general swimming sessions.
  2. Celebrate their swimming milestones. Having fun and rewarding children will keep them motivated for their lessons. The Scottish Swimming National Framework is designed to give children regular celebrations of their swimming milestones on their way to achieving the standards of competency for each level. Your homeportal will show your child's progress, try not to focus on the %.
  3. Pay attention. If you go to observe your child swimming, make sure you are ready to give them a wave and lots of encouragement. Putting away your mobile will tell your child these lessons are important.
  4. Timing is key. Everyone is so busy, so make sure you book lessons for a time that is easy to stick to around your family commitments.
  5. Regular reports. Parents should expect updates on their child's progression every 6-8 weeks. If your child is struggling in lessons, talk to the swimming teacher and ask what you can do to help encourage them to keep progressing. If they haven't started swimming lessons yet, it is always useful to visit as a family first. You can also pass on additional information by emailing our team at
  6. Lessons are fun. Games and activities are regularly included within the time of teaching, this keeps your child motivated and happy to learn new skills.