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The Scottish Type Approval Scheme (STAS)


The Scottish Association of Building Standards Managers (SABSM) Scottish Type Approval Scheme (STAS) provides a fast track route to approval through the regulatory procedures for standard buildings, modular buildings or building systems. Local authorities throughout Scotland are members of the STAS.

Depending on your needs, there are two routes for obtaining approval under the STAS. You can obtain approval either as a Type Approval or a System Approval.

Type approval

Type Approval is suitable for complete standard building designs and for standard building modules (domestic and commercial) that are replicated in different local authority areas. Permanent variations to such designs can be included with a Type Approval and any subsequent amendments to the approved design can be obtained from the local authority in whose area the building warrant is obtained.

System approval

System approval is suitable for building systems that are capable of producing or being incorporated within a variety of different buildings using standard components and construction details.

The Scottish Type Approval Scheme

The Scottish Type Approval Scheme is your guarantee of:

  • consistent interpretation of building standards
  • a fast track through building standards approval
  • a single point of contact with building standards authorities
  • confidence in a design checked by STAS
  • checks by the local authority will be confined to site related matters