School term and holiday dates

Find school holiday, half term and term dates for primary, secondary and special schools. These apply to South Ayrshire Council controlled schools.

Download the unauthorised holidays during term-time leaflet

Term and holiday dates 2019-20

Download and print the 2019-20 term dates

First term
16 August 2019Inservice day
19 August 2019Inservice day
20 August 2019Pupils return
20 September 2019 - 23 September 2019Schools closed
24 September 2019Inservice day
11 October 2019Schools close
21 October 2019Inservice day
22 October 2019Pupils return
20 December 2019Schools close
Second term
6 January 2020Pupils return
6 February 2020Schools close
7 February 2020Schools closed
10 February 2020Schools closed
11 February 2020Inservice day
12 February 2020Pupils return
2 April 2020Schools close
3 April 2020Inservice day
Third term
20 April 2020Pupils return
4 May 2020Schools closed, May day holiday
25 May 2020Schools closed
26 May 2020Inservice day
27 May 2020Pupils return
26 June 2020Schools close

Term and holiday dates 2020-21

Download and print the 2020-21 term dates

First term
17 August 2020Inservice day
18 August 2020Inservice day
19 August 2020Pupils return
18 September 2020 - 21 September 2020Schools closed **
9 October 2020Schools close
19 October 2020Inservice day
20 October 2020Pupils return
23 December 2020Schools close
Second term
6 January 2021Pupils return
12 February 2021Schools close
15 February 2021Schools closed
16 February 2021Inservice day
17 February 2021Pupils return
1 April 2021Schools close
Third term
19 April 2021Pupils return
3 May 2021Schools closed, May day holiday
5 May 2021Schools close
6 May 2021Inservice day
7 May 2021Pupils return
31 May 2021Schools closed
1 June 2021Pupils return
25 June 2021Schools close

** Please note that the September weekend is provisional subject to confirmation of the date of the Ayr Gold Cup