South Ayrshire Council Plans

The Council Plan 2018-22 sets out the Council’s vision for the next four years, with a focus on ‘Our People, Our Place’.

It details the high-level objectives and outcomes we want to achieve for our people and places by 2022.

The strategic objectives are:

  • Effective leadership that promotes fairness
  • Reduce poverty and disadvantage
  • Health and care systems that meet people’s needs
  • Make the most of the local economy
  • Increase the profile and reputation of South Ayrshire and the Council
  • Enhanced environment through social, cultural and economic activities.

The Council Plan will be supported by dedicated Directorate Plans for our People and Place directorates, as well as our Health and Social Care Partnership, that detail what we will do to deliver these outcomes.

These plans are key documents that will provide the basis for how we plan our services and manage our budgets over the next four years.