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Regulatory Panel - Planning - 1 February 2024

Regulatory Panel agenda and associated papers for the meeting on 1 February 2024


  • Chair - Councillor Bell
  • Councillor Cavana
  • Councillor Clark
  • Councillor Dixon
  • Councillor Kilbride
  • Councillor Kilpatrick
  • Councillor Lamont
  • Councillor Mackay
  • Councillor Townson

Notice of meeting

agenda (PDF) [289KB]


1.       Declarations of Interest.                                          

2.        Minutes of previous meetings:-

(a)   7 November 2023 (Special)

item 2a minutes 7 November 2023 (PDF) [21KB]

(b)   16 November 2023

item 2b minutes 16 November 2023 (PDF) [34KB]

(c)    6 December 2023

item 2c minutes 6 December 2023 (PDF) [122KB]

3.      Hearings relating to Applications for Planning Permission:-

          Summary List - Applications relating to 3/2 and 3/3 will no longer be considered at this meeting

item 3 - summary sheet (PDF) [46KB]

          item 3/1 - 22/01039/APPM - Land At Woodhead Road, Coylton

item 3-1 22/01039/APPM (PDF) [392KB]

          item 3/2 - 23/00261/FURM -  Corton, A77T from Bankfield Roundabout -B7034 Junction, Ayr   APPLICATION NO LONGER BEING CONSIDERED AT THIS MEETING


          item 3/3 - 23/00345/APPM -   Corton, A77T from Bankfield Roundabout -B7034 Junction, Ayr  APPLICATION NO LONGER BEING CONSIDERED AT THIS MEETING


4.  Public Access Exemption Order: the 152nd Open at Royal Troon Golf Course (South Beach Car Park)

item 4 Exemption Order (PDF) [750KB]

Meeting Papers 

agenda and reports for the meeting (PDF) [1MB]


Meeting recording

The recording of this meeting can be viewed on our Webcasting channel.


Regulatory Panel (Planning) Final Minute - 1st February 2024 (PDF) [24KB]