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Memberships for children

Why choose Learn 2 Swim SAC? Before your child starts school, start swimming. Encouraging your child to learn to swim is one of the most important opportunities you can give them. If you get children interested in swimming when they're young there's a good chance they'll enjoy the water for the rest of their life. Scottish Swimming has developed a National Framework for swimming in Scotland, which provides a clear set of national standards and a pathway which allows you to follow how your child is progressing, and what this actually means in terms of their swimming ability.

Join our waiting list 

If you would like to join swimming lessons we currently have a waiting list for all levels of our Learn 2 Swim program, even if your child has some swimming ability please fill out the form via the link above, for further information on what to expect from our programme, Days available at each site, and how we continute to increase provisions please see below...

Venues and days that operate Learn 2 Swim:-

Troon Tuesday - Wednesday - Saturday - Sunday

Prestwick Tuesday - Thursday - Saturday 

Citadel Monday - Wednesday - Thursday - Saturday - Sunday 

Maybole Monday - Tuesday - Thursday 

Our waiting lists are currently extremely busy check out how we forward plan to tackle waiting times:-

  • Increased education courses
  • On-going review of facility programmes
  • Continual recruitment for all Learn 2 programmes.
  • School Swimming for all primary 4 and 5s
  • Opportunities for Nurseries to take part in swimming lessons
  • Holiday programmes.