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What to Wear

For your child's gymnastic class, we ask that girls wear leggings and t-shirts or leotards, whilst boys should wear t-shirt with joggers or shorts. In any case it is important that all clothing worn to class should allow for flexible movement. Please do not wear crop tops. In cold weather please bring track suit or similar for warm up and non-slip rubber soled socks or gymnastics slippers. These are essential if your child has a verruca. You can get these on-line.

Learn 2 leotards

Our Learn 2 class members can purchase and view our exclusive leotards at below. Please note you will need to telephone to order and receive 10% discount.

The Zone

(Sleeveless Smooth Velour Leotard Motif 1)                                                       

To order Tel: 01706368819. Ask for South Ayrshire 'General' leotard.

Quote Ref; 168278 for 10% discount then product code Z103SMM1

What to bring

Your child should bring a bottle of water. Snacks are not necessary unless our child is attending for 2 hours or more. Fruit would be the best choice.

What not to bring

Jewellery, watches and any valuable objects should be left at home. Long hair must be tied back.


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