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Councillor Bill McIntosh

Bill McIntosh

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Register of Councillors' Interests

The Scottish Parliament has approved a Councillors' Code of Conduct. The current version of the Code came into effect in December 2010 and applies to all councillors and reinforces the expectation of the highest standards of behaviour.

The Standards Commission for Scotland is an independent body set up by the Scottish Parliament to promote high standards in public life and to investigate alleged breaches of the Code.

In terms of the Code, each Councillor is required to register their own interests across a number of categories:

A description of any gifts or hospitality received, the name of the donor, the date received and the approximate value.

Refer to Gifts and Hospitality Register

Where remuneration is received by virtue of being...

  1. employed,
  2. self employed,
  3. the holder of an office,
  4. a director of an undertaking,
  5. a partner in a firm,
  6. involved in undertaking a trade, profession, vocation or
  7. a member of an organisation

A description of the name and nature of the business and, as appropriate, the post held in the organisation and the nature and regularity of the work.


A description of a directorship that is not itself remunerated, but is of a company or undertaking which is a parent or subsidiary of a company or undertaking which pays remuneration.

The name of the subsidiary or parent company, or other undertaking and the nature of its business.

Its relationship to the company or undertaking in which the councillor is a director and from which remuneration is received.


A description of the nature and duration, but not the price, of a contract which is not discharged where...

  1. goods or services are to be provided to, or works are to be executed for, South Ayrshire Council; and
  2. the contract has been made by the councillor or a firm in which he/she is a partner,

or an undertaking in which the councillor is a director or in which he/she has shares where the nominal value is:

  1. greater than 1% of the issued share capital of the company or other body; or
  2. is greater than £25,000.

A description of any assistance towards election expenses received within the last twelve months.

Election expenses of £945.31 – all paid for by Central Ayrshire Conservative and Unionist Association

A description of any rights of ownership or other rights, including the tenancy, of houses, land and buildings.

The address of the property or otherwise a description sufficient to identify it.

Domestic Dwellinghouse – 13 Bentinck Drive, Troon

A description, but not the value, of shares or securities in a company or other body where the nominal value of the shares is...

  1. greater that 1% of the issued share capital of the company or other body; or
  2. is greater than £25,000.

A description of significant non-financial interests such as membership or holding office in public bodies, companies, clubs, societies and organisations such as trade unions and voluntary organisations, which members of the public might reasonably think could influence actions, speeches or votes in South Ayrshire Council.

Chair of South Ayrshire Community Planning Partnership Board; Director of Ayr Renaissance LLP; SAC rep on British Red Cross Disaster Fund Appeal; Member of Ayrshire Shared Services Group; Member of Ayrshire Economic Partnership; A SAC rep on Joint Committee for Shared Services: Regulatory Services, covering 3 Ayrshire Local Authorities; Monthly article written for Troon ‘Going Out’ magazine, for ‘Welcome to Troon’ website and ‘Troon Online’ website


I recognise that it can be a criminal offence and it is a breach of the Councillor's code to:

  1. omit information that ought to be given in this notice;
  2. provide information that is materially false or misleading;
  3. fail to give further notices in order to
    • bring up to date information given in this notice; and
    • declare an interest that I acquire after the date of this notice and have to declare.

Signed: Councillor Bill McIntosh
Date: 29/11/2013

Signed: Valerie Andrews
Proper Officer of the South Ayrshire Council
Date: 29/11/2013

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