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How do you become a member of the South Ayrshire Youth Forum Hot 100?

If you think you have what it takes and ages 12-25, all you need to do is sign up:

Sign Up, Click Here

When you have registered, as a SAYF Hot 100 Member you will be emailed out with confirmation and further details. We look forward to working with you!

The South Ayrshire Youth Forum Hot 100 (SAYF) is a group of 100 young people aged from 12 to 25. Membership will be exclusive to only 100 young people across South Ayrshire. These young people will be recognised as a panel of experts, who understand the needs and views of young people. South Ayrshire Youth Forum, Young Scot and South Ayrshire Council will consult with the Hot 100 on a whole range of topics through e-mail. The SAYF Hot 100 will be representative of the youth of South Ayrshire and will therefore consist of a diverse range of individuals from all South Ayrshire areas.

  • Ayr South
  • Ayr North
  • South Carrick
  • North Carrick
  • Troon and Dundonald
  • Prestwick
  • Tarbolton, Annbank and Mossblown

All young people will be from different backgrounds, experiences and opinions.

What do you actually have to do as a member of the SAYF Hot 100?

Being a member of the SAYF Hot 100, you will be helping South Ayrshire Youth Forum, Dialogue Youth / Young Scot and South Ayrshire Council by assisting in promotion of events, taking part in consultations and encouraging others to take part and even attending some events.

We will provide activities on a regular basis and whether you participate in these activities is completely up to you and you can opt out at any point!

As a member of the Hot 100 we would hope that you would engage with us most months however we understand that it may not always be possible due to other commitments.

So what exactly do we mean by activities?

By activities we mean a whole range of things, some of which we don’t even know ourselves yet!! At South Ayrshire Youth Forum we are continually developing our services and want young people to be at the core of this. In order to do this we intend to work alongside the SAYF 100 in order to make important decisions and to collect vital information.

The Hot 100 will be a mixture of online and offline activities however communication with South Ayrshire Youth Forum Support Staff will always be online.

To give you an idea, here are some possible activities that could come your way:

  • Reviewing the Young Scot podcasts in regards to how useful you think they are in delivering information to young people
  • Conducting questionnaires with your friends on a
  • Telling us what you think of our latest promotional materials
  • Conducting Test purchasing
  • Helping out at Information stands, and Youth Forum Events.
  • And much more!

The above are just some of the activities that you may be asked to participate with! Your feedback is guaranteed to be taken seriously.

South Ayrshire Youth Forum will continually keep you in the loop with how your answers have impacted South Ayrshire Youth Forum.

What’s in it for you?

Being a member of the South Ayrshire Youth Forum Hot 100 can benefit you in the following ways:

  • Great for your CV
  • Gives you a voice and an opportunity to improve information services and opportunities for young people across South Ayrshire
  • Opportunity to advocate on behalf of your friends and peers, group or community
  • Opportunity to develop your communication skills
  • Develops evaluation skills

In addition to the above South Ayrshire Youth Forum recognises that the Hot 100 will play a key role in developing and improving the quality of our services. We will offer some rewards to say Thank You for your efforts.

Rewards include:

  • Young Scot Points
  • Exclusive access to Hot 100 competitions and prizes
  • Email alerts to the latest news and Events.

Contact The SAYF Hot 100 team

South Ayrshire Youth Forum

South Ayrshire Council
John Pollock Centre
Mainholm Road

Tel: 01292 559390
Email: or
Twitter: @SAYouthForum
Facebook: SAYForum