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Nominations close on 1 November 2019.

Every year, the SAYF awards recognise, celebrate and reward the achievements of local young people aged between 14 and 25 years who live in South Ayrshire and help to acknowledge their generosity, skills and selfless acts which inspire people of all ages.

Do you know a young person from South Ayrshire who deserves to be recognised for their efforts and achievements? If so, nominate them for a South Ayrshire Youth Forum Award!

People of all ages can nominate any young person aged 14-25 years living in South Ayrshire.

There are a variety of categories which you can nominate a young person for which can be done so using the nomination form which is quick and easy to complete. A panel of judges will assess the nominations and 3 finalists from each category will be invited to attend the awards ceremony at Troon Concert Hall where the winner will be announced!


You can nominate in the following categories:

Do you know a young person or a group of young people who love to perform and entertain? Whether it’s performance theatre, a talented musician, band or even a comedic genius. If you have been inspired by someone’s passion for entertainment, nominate them now for a Youth Forum Award.
Personal Achievement in Sport
Do you know a young person who, through their hard efforts, has attained extraordinary sporting achievements? Whether they helped their team win the league, or assisted and trained others in sport. Nominate now!
Health and wellbeing
Many young people realise that health issues are a rising concern in our community. There are many efforts to combat issues such as mental health, lack of participation in physical activities and drug abuse. Nominate a young person or group of young people if you believe they’ve improved health and wellbeing in the community.
Skills and development
Can someone you know demonstrate how they have developed their learning through hard work, training or enterprising and employability skills? If so, then nominate that inspirational young person or group today.
Does someone you know, or even a group of young people, show a passion for making their community a more environmentally friendly place? This can be achieved in a variety of ways such as recycling, preserving energy or something totally different. If so, you can nominate them now.
Do you know someone who has demonstrated their commitment to maintaining democracy? Perhaps this young person shows their commitment by speaking or working to represent their community in a positive light. If so, nominate them for this award.
A volunteer is someone who gives up their time and energy, free of charge to help other people. If this describes a young person or group of young people you know, nominate them now.
Unsung Hero
Is there someone in your local community who goes the extra mile to help others but never asks for recognition or reward? Please tell us about this young person or group who makes your home, school or local area special.
Helping the Community In Sport
Is there a young person, or a group of young people, you know who has made an impact on their local community in sport? This can be through a variety of different things such as coaching, funding, promoting, and many other aspects. If so, nominate them now
Outstanding fundraising activities and exemplary unselfishness in their attitude towards others, is very common amongst the young people in South Ayrshire. If you know a young person who has overcome challenges in their own lives and still have been able to make a difference to others in their community, nominate them now.
Community Involvement
This award is aimed at celebrating work accomplished by a young person, or a group of young people, that have improved the lives of people within their community. Does someone come to mind? If so, nominate them for the community involvement award.
Paid Staff Award
There are many staff members who make a continuous effort to improve the lives of young people they work with. This could be staff who work in areas such as youth work, education or any other activities similar to this. If you know someone who has positively impacted the lives of the young people they work with, nominate them now!
Volunteer Staff Award
Many staff members give up their time in order to benefit young people they work with. If you know someone who goes the extra mile with little or no recognition, this award is for them.
Art & digital media
South Ayrshire is filled with talented young people. Do you know someone who is a gifted painter? A keen photographer? A budding designer? Or even a digital media genius? Then this award aims to showcase their amazing achievements.
Christmas Star
This category is to recognise a young person, aged 8 – 26, who on a day to day basis light up the lives of those around them. Do you know someone who is just a ray of sunshine and manages to brighten any day? Do they love Christmas and help make it the most magical time of the year? The winner of this award will be asked to do the honours of pushing the button on Ayr’s Christmas Lights! Nominate your Christmas Star today!
The Ann Shaw Rights and Participation Award
Ann had a positive impact the on lives of many young people living South Ayrshire through her dedication, commitment and passion for youth voice, participation and rights. In honour of Ann’s work and commitment to young people we are asking you to nominate a young person or group who displays the same qualities Ann showcased throughout her life. This could be their continuous work to uphold children and young people’s rights in their community; pushing for change to make lives better for themselves and other young people; or it ensuring they and their peers are given the opportunity to have a say on things that affect them whether it be in school, the community, or perhaps on a national level. Nominate them now for the Ann Shaw Award.

Do you know a young Scot who goes the extra mile every day but never asks for any recognition or reward? Someone who brings so much more than expected to the people they encounter and always does it with a smile. Please tell us about that person who makes your home, school or community special.

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