Your South Ayrshire

Your South Ayrshire

What really matters to you?

Thanks to all of you who took part in the recent Your South Ayrshire consultation.

The consultation asked for your views on the priorities and outcomes the Council and South Ayrshire Community Planning Partnership believe will make a difference for you and your community over the next 3-10 years.

We had suggested the priorities and outcomes we think will improve your quality of life and also showcase all that South Ayrshire has to offer, making it even more attractive to potential residents, businesses and visitors.

Our main areas of focus were:

  • Maximising our local economy by focusing on employment and on economic recovery and growth;
  • Supporting our children and families with a particular focus on early years and on reducing health inequalities and increasing physical activity;
  • Caring for our older people so that they are supported to enjoy full and positive lives within their own community;
  • Strengthening our communities so that communities feel confident and empowered and that people feel safe and that alcohol and drug misuse is reduced;
  • Caring for our environment so that South Ayrshire is clean and attractive and that we are working towards a low carbon future.

With your feedback and comments, we are now developing outcome delivery plans which sit below the strategic priorities and the outcomes we want to achieve in 10 years. And these will be updated every 10 years.

Further information will be available here as these plans are developed. In the meantime, thanks for your interest in Your South Ayrshire.

Summary of findings