Disability Living Allowance (DLA) and Personal Independence Payments (PIP)

From June 2013, Personal Independence Payment (PIP) will replace Disability Living Allowance (DLA) for all new claims from people aged 16-64 years, with applicants likely to be asked to attend a medical assessment.

What happens with existing claimants?

From October 2013 until 2015, working age DLA claimants will need to move on to PIP – if you qualify – when you report a change of circumstances or are due to renew your DLA.

Will I automatically transfer to PIP?

No – and there is no guarantee that, if you currently qualify for DLA, you will be eligible for PIP. Even DLA recipients with lifetime or indefinite awards will need to be reassessed for PIP.

What is the qualifying period for PIP?

If you are not in receipt of DLA and are claiming PIP for the first time, there will be a 3 month qualifying period. This is the period during which you have had needs due to a health condition or disability. The needs arising from your condition or disability are expected to last a further nine months in order to qualify for PIP.

How will PIP be calculated?

PIP will be made up of a mobility component and a daily living component. Each component will have two rates – a standard and an enhanced rate. There will be no link between the rates received for DLA and what you may receive through PIP.

Will I have to attend a medical when you are assessed for PIP?

You will usually be asked to attend a face-to-face consultation as part of the assessment process. If you have a severe health condition or terminal illness, this may not be required.

Will children receiving DLA be affected by PIP?

Not at this time.

Will pensioners receiving DLA be affected by PIP?

Residents of 65 years or over and in receipt of DLA on the day PIP is introduced will not be required to make a claim for PIP and will continue to receive DLA for as long as you continue to satisfy the criteria. Residents under 65 years will need to be reassessed.

Will the current automatic eligibility for a blue badge through the high rate mobility element of DLA be affected by PIP?

DWP has advised it intends – as far as possible – to continue ‘passported benefits’ such as eligibility for the blue badge scheme. Further details on how this will work have yet to be published.