Wee white bag

Access to free sanitary products

South Ayrshire Community Planning Partnership is supporting the Scottish Government’s commitment of aiming to increase the number and range of places where free sanitary products are available for anyone who menstruates.

Funding has been made available for the purchase and supply of a range of products and these are available from a range of locations in South Ayrshire including Schools, Council Services and Third Sector organisations.

Distribution locations are increasing across South Ayrshire to allow for wider public access and products will be available from various locations including libraries, housing offices, council buildings and halls, community centres, activity centres, swimming pools and Customer Service Centres.

Help yourself to some free products from public accessible toilets or take a ‘wee white bag’ (which will provide you with a small supply of sanitary products).

For further information or to become a distribution location please email community.planning@south-ayrshire.gov.uk.