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Stalking is defined as ‘a constellation of behaviours in which an individual inflicts upon another repeated unwanted intrusions and communications’. (ref: Mullen, 1999)

Examples of stalking can include following, maintaining surveillance, loitering and sending unwanted gifts or messages. Stalking may escalate to physical assault, sexual assault, and/or even murder. If two or more occasions of unwanted attention are directed repeatedly towards a specific individual, is experienced as unwelcome or intrusive, and triggers fear or concern, then it is stalking. (ref: Action Against Stalking 2013)

Anyone affected by stalking can call the National Stalking Helpline on 0808 802 0300 or email

Stalking Awareness Week

Ayrshire College (Ayr Campus) recently held a poster competition as part of a live brief for graphic design/communication students in partnership with Ann Moulds, founder of Scotland Against Stalking. The brief was to design a poster which would be distributed throughout the UK to raise awareness of stalking – the theme for this year is raising awareness of stalking in schools. The poster will be displayed in all schools across the UK during stalking awareness week which is taking place from Monday, 20th April to Sunday, 26th April 2015.

South Ayrshire Multi-Agency Partnership to tackle Violence Against Women and Children (MAP) is an affiliate of Scotland’s Scottish National Stalking Group.

Since 2009, the Partnership has been working closely with Ann Moulds, founder of the Scottish National Stalking Group to highlight the seriousness of stalking as a crime and this has been carried out through the promotion of National Stalking Awareness Day within our partner agencies and local community.

Thanks to Ann and the Action Scotland Against Stalking campaign, which is supported by South Ayrshire MAP, new legislation was introduced which has given Scotland one of the most powerful anti-stalking laws in the world.

The affiliation between the MAP and other members of the Scottish National Stalking Group will now help ensure that – at both local and national levels – precedents will be set in addressing stalking and its impact on individuals and communities.

For further information on Action Scotland Against Stalking campaign, visit: or email

National Stalking Awareness Day

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