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Universal Credit

3. Managing your money

If you want to make it as easy as possible for you to look after your home and family and pay your rent on time, you can request that the housing costs part of your Universal Credit payment is paid directly to your landlord – whether the Council, social housing or a private landlord.

You can ask the DWP to do this after you receive your first Universal Credit payment – although remember that you may still have rent to pay over and above the housing costs you receive through Universal Credit.

It’s up you to budget adequately so you can pay your rent on time and it’s up to you to pay any difference between your Universal Credit housing costs and your rent directly to your landlord.

The choice to pay your housing costs directly to your landlord is part of the Universal Credit Scottish Flexibilities, which has been introduced by the Scottish Government.

Using the Scottish Flexibilities, you can also ask to receive your Universal Credit across two payments during the month, rather than just the one.

You will be offered these choices through your Universal Credit online account (journal) after your first Universal Credit payment.

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