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A guide to trading fairly

Trusted Trader

Without prejudice to clause 3 herein, the following may provide examples of the general standard of fair and honest trading trader businesses are required to meet in accordance with their duties and obligations under the Trusted Trader Scheme:

  1. All advertisements that are produced in connection with the trader’s business must comply with all advertising legislation.
  2. Where appropriate, in advance of any contract being entered into with a consumer the trader shall provide in writing full, clear and accurate information regarding key terms and conditions of the proposed contract.
  3. Traders must comply with all applicable legislation.
  4. When additional guarantees or warranties are offered to consumers, it will be made clear that these are in addition to consumers’ statutory rights and are optional. Details will be provided to consumers of the party that is responsible for the guarantee or warranty. There must be no high pressure selling of additional guarantees or warranties. Upon request, written details of any free guarantee will be provided to the consumers.
  5. Member traders shall give clear information regarding cancellation rights that customers may have, whether these are statutory or additional rights.
  6. Member traders must be committed to providing a quality service to their customers. By joining the Trusted Trader Scheme, traders are agreeing to fully comply with the criminal and civil law.
  7. Member traders shall respond to consumer enquiries promptly, even in cases where they are unable to take on work.
  8. Member traders must not seek to take advantage of vulnerable consumers and where it is reasonably practicable; trader businesses shall offer additional assistance to consumers to ensure that all aspects of the transaction are fully understood.
  9. In the event of a complaint, member traders should fully co-operate with any appropriate intermediary acting for the consumer.
  10. Completion and delivery dates shall be agreed in advance. Where a delay has proved unavoidable, the consumer shall be given as much notice as possible. Where an agreed delivery date cannot be met then a suitable alternative or appropriate remedy shall be offered to the consumer.


Where a member trader subcontracts all or part of any work, then the member must make the subcontractor aware of obligations under these terms and conditions, and must guarantee for the consumer that the work of the subcontractor shall be of the same standard as that of the member trader. Members must take full responsibility for subcontractors work.