Consumer advice

Help with Small Claims Actions

In certain cases where the trader does not meet his legal obligations assistance is available to the consumer in the form of a specialist Advisor who will assist with all aspects of pursuing a small claim through the sheriff court.

The Small Claims procedure in the Sheriff Court is, in the majority of cases, a method of resolving disputes quickly and cheaply.

In practice many consumers find the procedure confusing and frightening. Our Advisors can assist consumers with the forms, advise them on procedural and legal matters and, if necessary, represent them in court.

At present the upper limit on claims is £3,000 which does cover a large proportion of consumer purchases.

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A consumer from Girvan purchased a bed from a local trader. The consumer's son used the bed for the first time and a rail that supported the slats on the bed immediately broke. The consumer complained to the trader the next day and asked for a refund of the £150 paid for the bed. But the trader refused to accept that the bed was faulty.

The consumer, with help from an advisor, commissioned a report on the bed. The examiner's report confirmed that the bed was faulty but the trader still refused to offer any redress. With the assistance of an Advisor the consumer took a successful civil action against the company at Ayr Sheriff Court and secured an award of £150 compensation.