Consumer advice

Complaint investigation

If you find that a product that you have purchased is faulty or that a company doing work for you has not done it properly our Advisors are on hand to give assistance with all stages of a dispute with a trader. From advice on how a consumer may resolve the dispute themselves, through active conciliation/negotiation with the trader, to advice on procedure and representation at a small claim hearing in the sheriff court; our Advisors are there to help.

Some complaints take a little longer than others to resolve….. A Troon lady purchased a suite on a credit agreement from a local furniture store. She complained after 1 month that the suite had a serious defect and requested a refund of the payments she had made.

The shop refused and the Lady contacted our advisors. The case was put to the shop, which still refused to accept that there was anything wrong with the suite. An advisor contacted the Finance company. After agreeing to abide by the findings of an independent expert, who on examining the suite confirmed that it was faulty, the finance company finally refunded the lady's payments…… some ten months later.