Town twinning

Town Twinning arrangements in South Ayrshire are led by voluntary Town Twinning Associations. The modern concept of town twinning developed, as a consequence of World War II, in 1947. It was intended to foster friendship and understanding between different cultures and between former foes as an act of peace and reconciliation and to encourage culturing understanding, trade and tourism.

These are independent, constituted organisations comprising of individual members living in local communities. Each Association maintains and develops cultural, sporting, social, economic, educational, tourist and other links between twinned towns through programmes of exchange visits, evening meetings and special events. The Associations host, in turn, an inter-Association annual quiz night in early November.

There are five Associations in South Ayrshire based in the major towns with town twinning links.

AssociationTwinned Towns
AyrSt Germain-en-Laye (France)
GirvanTorcy (France)
MayboleBeloeil (Belgium), Crosne (France), Schotten (Germany)
PrestwickAriccia (Italy), Lichtenfels (Germany), Vandalia (USA)
TroonVillenneuve-sur-Lot (France)

South Ayrshire Council has a Sister City link with Newnan, Georgia (USA)

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For information and how to get in touch with Town Twinning Associations contact:

Town Twinning

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