Tourism - Girvan surrounding villages

Situated 13 miles south of Girvan on the coast with an attractive harbour where the River Stinchar flows into the sea. Picnic areas.

Seven miles south-east of Girvan on B734 at the edge of the Carrick Forest lies this beautiful picturesque village with afternoon teas and crafts on certain days during the summer months. Covenanters headstones in the churchyard.

On the edge of Galloway Forest Park, the area is ideal for fishing and walking including the lovely Martyrs Tomb Walk. Also worth a visit here is the unique nursery and herb garden at Barwinnock Herbs.

This pretty village is situated in the Glen of the River Stinchar south of Girvan. The parish church was built in 1772 with 19th century alterations.

The village south of Maybole boasts the area's newest golf development located in the grounds of the ruined Brunston Castle.

Small holiday village on the coast south of Girvan.

A small village situated on the coast six miles north of Girvan, popular for its sandy beaches and attractive harbour.

Old Dailly
Inland from Girvan the village has an ancient kirkyard and the castle homes of Killochan and Penkill.

The Motte above the railway tunnel is one of Ayrshire's most impressive ancient earthworks. The Pottery in the old school is the setting for a craft gallery, tea-room and pottery workshop.

The five storey 16th century ruin of Pinwherry Castle is situated near the road bridge over the Duisk Water.

Attractive village renowned for its world famous Hotel, Spa and Golf Course Complex.