Girvan - Thriving Places

The Council is currently working with the local community to prepare a Placemaking Plan for Girvan. So far we have been holding detailed conversations with community groups to identify the key issues that face the community in the area, some of the early findings are below.

We are now seeking the views of the wider Girvan community, this is your plan and its contents will shape your area in the years to come.

  • Carrick Opportunities – 19th February 10am – 3pm
  • Girvan Academy Sports Hub – 21st February 5pm – 8pm
  • Girvan Quay Zone – 22nd February 2pm – 4pm

You can also provide us with your views online by visiting the place standard consultation portal.

Closing date: 18 March 2020

Please ensure “SAC-Girvan” is inserted in the Group ID box at the top of the form so that we can review your comments.

You can take as much or as little time as you have available, even if you can only fill out the scores for your area the information will be useful in preparing your plan, however if you can take advantage of the additional comments boxes we would be grateful so that we can get as much detail as possible about what you feel should be happening in your area.

Findings so far

Our community conversations have identified the following emerging priorities, do you agree with these, or do you have any ideas that could help address the issues that your area might face? Please complete the online form above or come along to the events to give us your views.

Highest priority

Work and Local Economy – Is there an active local economy and the opportunity to access good-quality work?

Traffic and Parking – Do traffic and parking arrangements allow people to move around safely and meet the community’s needs?

Care and Maintenance – Are buildings and spaces well cared for?

Influence and Sense of Control – Do I feel able to take part in decisions and help change things for the better?

Facilities and Amenities – Do facilities and amenities meet my needs?

Streets and Spaces – Do buildings, streets and public spaces create an attractive place that is easy to get around?

Housing and Community – Do the homes in my area support the needs of the community?

Moving Around – Can I easily walk and cycle around using good-quality routes?

Public Transport – Does public transport meet my needs?

Play and Recreation – Can I access a range of space with opportunities for play and recreation?

Social Interaction – Is there a range of spaces and opportunities to meet people?

Identity and Belonging – Does this place have a positive identify and do I feel I belong?

Feeling Safe – Do I feel safe here?

Natural Space – Can I regularly experience good – quality natural space?