Tenant led assessments

In South Ayrshire Council Housing Services our involved tenants have the opportunity to become part of our Scrutiny & Performance Review Groups. We have two groups which are the Scrutiny & Performance Housing Options & Support Group and the Scrutiny & Performance Maintenance Group. Each group has a remit for reviewing performance data across various areas of service as detailed below:

Scrutiny & Performance Housing Options & Support Group – Housing Options, Applying for Housing, Homelessness Service and Temporary Accommodation.

Scrutiny & Performance Maintenance Group – Modernisation, Repairs, Settling In, Neighbour Disputes and Adaptations

One of the opportunities given to the groups is to undertake Tenant Led Assessments these assessments highlight where areas of improvement are required or where good practice can be identified and shared. In 2018 our Scrutiny & Performance Maintenance Group started the very first Tenant Led Assessment in South Ayrshire. The focus of the Tenant Led Assessment was South Ayrshire Council Housing Services Letting Standard. This has been an extensive piece of work for the group which has resulted in them producing their first ever report. View the report which details their findings along with their final recommendations and suggestions for the service to consider.

If you would like to find out more about becoming an involved tenant in South Ayrshire visit the getting involved page for further information or contact our Tenant Participation Team on 01292 612968 or by email at tp@south-ayrshire.gov.uk.